Warhammer: Dwarf Hammerers

So I couldn’t stand the itch any longer. I decided to go ahead and see how my eyes would handle painting. I knew I needed to go easy and with still a LOT of painting to accomplish I wanted to try something that may speed up the process.

20170529_153237Yesterday while trying out some Age of Sigmar: Skirmish games at my LGS, one of the regulars there recommended to me that if I wanted to really plow through some Dwarf models in a shorter to time to pick up some silver primer. I was told I wouldn’t have the same quality I was used to when painting on black/grey primer, but it would save time. I would be trading quality for time.

He recommended either the GW line or Army Painter. Well, the LGS only had Army Painter so I picked it up and decided to give it a try.

This is something I have never tried before. I have ALWAYS primed in either grey or black. Those colors are my bread and butter but the logic does seem sound. Most of the Hammerer models are silver or some sort of metallic color. So it makes sense in my mind to go ahead and get that color out of the way rather than spend the extra 10-15 minutes or so per model getting a grey/black primed model covered in silver.

Now a note of warning before you try this if you have never done so before. Metallic primer is much more dense than your standard color primer. There are particulates in the spray so if you are like me and spray in only a semi-ventilated area, do yourself a favor and move to a better location.

Here are the results:

Ok, it’s not horrible. SOME of the detail was covered up but I think that was mostly due to user error by me. It was difficult to see the transition of the model from grey un-primed to silver primed so I may have over-done it on some models. Shouldn’t be an issue since my goal is at a minimum tabletop quality.

Here is the completed model:

Again, it’s not horrible. Below is another Hammerer done my normal way:


There is a distinct difference. I will note that on the Hammerer primed in silver, solid colors required more layers to remove any sort of metallic trace. This meant that lighter colors like the skin tone required multiple layers to remove any sort of shininess from them. This most likely contributed to the reduction in overall quality in the model.

But I do have to say, I am not unhappy with it. The model took, on it’s own, less than 1 hour to accomplish. That’s the full spread: Prime, basecoat, layer, wash, highlight, base. This means I could easily complete a unit of 10 in a day (If I ever had that sort of time which I do not.) and with now over 100 models of Dispossessed still unpainted plus my desire to paint my new Kharadron Overlords, this may be a good option to pump out more models to get a completed army faster. I know it wont work on all my Dwarf models such as Warriors or Thunderers, but on heavily armored units like Hammerers, Irondrakes, Ironbreakers or Longbeards it will make painting considerable faster.

Speaking of Sky-Dwarfs, I do have another model that I will be starting work on this week. Don’t worry, even though the Overlords are mostly metal, he will be getting the normal black prime. More to come!


If you have any experience in priming in colors other than black/grey/white or have any other constructive criticism please leave a comment! My goal is to improve my painting techniques and eventually get to a level of quality that I can submit my model to competitions! While I know priming in silver most likely is not going to improve my skill at all, I believe experimentation is still important.

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