Age of Sigmar: Aether-Khemist

The Aether-Khemist, is a bad ass model and an ever cooler unit within the Age of Sigmar.

Out of the box, the Aether-Khemist appears at first glance to be a simple hero. He has an ability that is activated in the hero phase that gives a unit a +1 to hit to one weapon and a combat ability that affects units within 3″ of him. Any unit within 3″ loses 1 attack on all their weapons down to a minimum of 1. His gun does a whopping 3d6 number of attacks at 4+/4+ at -2 rend at 1 dmg a piece. This guy has the potential to melt some units and heros.

So lets paint him!

First, I prime him with Chaos Black GW spray primer.


Next, I begin with a coat of GW Leadbelcher on all parts I decided should be silver. I was using the art in the blister pack as a guide but this part can be done really anyway you wish since the model is practically all armor/metal.

The bits of cloth that were showing was done in a thin layer of GW The Fang.


The silver and cloth were really the hardest portion of the entire model because they covered such small areas. After the silver and blue, I did a thin layer of GW Balthasar Gold on all other metal bits. GW Khorne Red was done for the tubes. GW Abaddon Black for the gloves.


GW Zandri Dust for the tubes connecting the gun to the backpack.


Time to apply second layer and shades. GW Fulgurite Copper over a majority of the Balthasar Gold. GW Thunderhawk Blue over the cloth and GW Skrag Brown over the Rhinox Hide. Finally, GW Mechnicus Standard Grey on the gloves.

Next up is the shade stage. Nuln Oil on all silver portions as well as the cloth bits. Reikland Fleshshade Gloss on all copper/gold portions.


The final stage is highlighting which is done with GW Sycorax Bronze for the gold/copper portions, GW Administratum Grey for the gloves, GW Russ Grey for the cloth, GW Stormhost Silver and finally GW Evil Sunz Scarlet.


Base is completed!


This guy was a fun model. Lots of small pieces and little details that really make this model an impressive display. I look forward to seeing him on the table.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with something. I built a budget light studio for my models. It was very cheap and was only made of a box, some tissue paper and some tape. Below are the results using some Arkanaut Company models for the test.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!



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