Age of Sigmar: Arkanaut Company

So finally, after a week of delay, my first unit of 10 Arkanaut Company models have finally been completed. I had been promising this for a bit now and have been late on all accounts. But it’s finally here: The Arkanaut Company! Let’s begin:


I have to give GW some props here. Compared to many of the older models, these Arkanauts were very easy to assemble. The body was one piece so all that was really needed to glue was the head, arms and the backpack. First step is basecoats!


Using a standard Arkanaut as an example for now, we begin the basecoating with GW’s The Fang for the overalls. We will be covering over this with GW’s Thunderhawk Blue to give these Karak-Zilfin themed sky-dwarfs their unique blue overalls.


Switching over to the Company Leader for the remaining examples, I paint all silver bits GW Leadbelcher and all the brown bits GW Rhinox Hide. The brown is almost black so the color change is very subtle. I also cover the gloves and boots in a very thin layers of GW Abadon Black for a much deeper black that the primed color. The top portion of the helm is painted white with GW Skull White. The next two photos have the golden bits painted in GW Balthasar Gold and the Pickaxe handle in GW Zandri Dust.


You also might have noticed the leader’s pants are not the same shade of blue as the rest of him. This is the beginning of the first stage of layers. GW Thunderhawk Blue is painted in all areas painted previously with The Fang.

Working the Arkanauts in an assembly line at first.

We are close to being finished! All that’s left is the remaining layers, shading then highlighting. For all areas that will be bronze/copper colored, I use GW Fulgerite Copper and paint it over the Balthasar Gold. For the brown areas, I use GW Skraag Brown over the Rhinox Hide. Lastly, I use GW Mechanicus Standard Grey for the gloves and some small areas of the boots.

Once the first layer is complete I move onto the shade stage. Which is: Nuln Oil for the silver and cloth areas, Reikland Fleshshade Gloss for the bronze/copper/gold bits, Agrax Earthshade for the weapon grip and Reikland Fleshshade Non-Gloss for the white helmet.

The final stage is highlighting. For this I use GW Russ Grey for the overalls, GW Sycorax Bronze for all gold/copper bits, GW Stormhost Silver for all the silver bits and finally finish up some details such as the eyes and goggles using Vallejo Light Blue and Vallejo Scarlet Red.


Overall, I am very satisfied with the results. They look very close to how GW painted them. Infact, I specifically use thier guide located in the Kharadron Overlords book.

GW’s Version of Barak-Zilfin
My version. A little darker but that could be due to poor lighting.

I have already begin work on my Thunderers. They should be done in the next couple of week (I work slow I know) but will be sure to give some updates either here or on my Tumblr.

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