Quick Post: Blood Bowl 2 & Arkanaut Company Progress

So… I said I was almost done with my Arkanaut Company last post. That’s still true, but progress has been slower than I originally expected. That is because about a week ago I was given a copy of Blood Bowl 2 and I have been going crazy with it. This, paired with an increase in work hours have limited my time to paint.

Don’t worry though! Progress is being made, just slowly. All I have left are two figures who are virtually done, just need some base work and minor details completed:


Thunderers are next as you can see in the photo above and are primed and ready to go.

Ok, let’s move back to Blood Bowl 2. Much like Warhammer, Blood Bowl was another one of those games that I had always had some interest in but never a real opportunity to play. All of my local gaming stores sold the game, but I never got the chance to see anyone play. This has changed as now there is a small meta in my area. I casually mentioned this to some of my coworkers and one of them said he actually had a key of Blood Bowl 2 for PC but was never interested in playing it so he gifted it to me through Steam.

Initially I thought, “Great! I have been told BB2 is practically identical to the tabletop version so I can use this to play and see if I like the game before I dive into the tabletop version.”

Well, I was half-right. I love the game so much, that even though I am still a total newb, I went ahead and joined a league. The North American TTS Blood Bowl League to be more exact. However, I am already drowning in a pool of unpainted miniatures. The last thing I really need is to add upon it with yet another miniature table top game. I will get into it someday, but just not now.

All this being said, my blog is going to encompass more Blood Bowl related posts since the new league I am involved with should provide some good content. Obviously I am playing a Dwarf team, which is named, “Beardling’s Best Effort”. However, since the league requires a fresh team, I created another team named the “Bitterstone Grudges” to practice with.



The league begins after the 4th of July and is played twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays. I may, if I am able, attempt to record the games and post them here rather than write about them because battle report type blogs tends to be very long winded. Plus, I’m sure some people out there would love to watch me get my butt handed to me by some veterans of Blood Bowl.

That’s all I have for now! My local Age of Sigmar meta is going to be doing a skirmish campaign this coming Sunday so I was planning on documenting some of those shenanigans. Look out for my Arkanaut Company post early next week and if you enjoy the blog please be sure to subscribe to the blog and share with your friends!